Revived Senior Living is family care that provides an alternative to large facilities for the placement of Seniors in a homelike serene environment. It is a single-family home located in the beautiful and peaceful town of Mint Hill. We provide 24/7 compassionate care and remarkable personal services to your loved ones. At revived senior living, you are confident that your loved ones are provided with the best care they need.

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Revived Senior Living is a trusted partner for the provision of quality care to your loved ones. We understand the needs of your loved ones and design a care plan and living environment that specifically address those needs to make your loved ones live a comfortable and fulfilling life. At Revived, your loved ones live their personal life with new friends and engage in activities that enhance their quality of life. Our residents are encouraged to engage in social and creative activities without bordering about household chores.

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At Revived, caregivers provide care because it is their calling to serve with passion, courage, and a true sense of teamwork. So, whether your loved ones stay is for short-term or long-term care, our goal is to enrich and enlarge their health and improve their overall quality of life. At Revived, staff provide 24/7 supervision and care to residents. We have 24/7 Registered Nurse on-site or on-call and “Certified Nurse Assistants-” are both Medtech and CPR certified. The owner is also on-site on a daily basis. Your loved ones receive quality care from dedicated and experienced staff.

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