Revived Senior Living is a family care that provides an alternative to large facilities for the placement of Seniors in a homelike serene environment. It is a single-family home located in the beautiful and peaceful town of Mint Hill. We provide 24/7 compassionate care and remarkable personal services to your loved ones. A revived senior living, you are confident that your loved ones are provided with the best care they need.

Revived Senior Living is a family-owned by a UNC Charlotte Biology graduate and Caribbean Medical University School student with a Masters in Healthcare Administration. The vision of the owner is to diverge from the traditional provision of care by large institutions to creating a beautiful and welcoming-family-centered environment that balances expert care and exceptional amenities. The goal is to create home-like care based on compassion, intellectual, and physically enriching activity.

The owner has strong healthcare and operational experience that results in the provision of second-to-none services for your loved ones. The owner/Administrator is onsite daily to ensure that residents are provided with the quality care they need, work with Physicians and other medical professionals to maintain a top-notch quality service to your loved ones. Thus, our home is smoothly run through the implementation of a quality system that enables the Administrator and Staff to focus on critical and specialized resident care.

For example, at Revived, in order to discourage the prescription of laxatives for a resident in our care, management ensures that residents consume lots of fruits, vegetables, and fiber in their diet. The long-term care industry is dynamic. Therefore, as a single home facility, without franchise or investors, management has the flexibility in implementing changes that will adapt to the needs of our residents in the ever-changing healthcare environment. Revived Senior Living management focus is to provide the best quality care and memorable experience by creating an environment that makes your loved ones feel at home, feel secured and safe.